DIY Amazing Room Decor with CD - Wall Hanging



  1. Posted by lucy_the_daydreamer_sunflower, — Reply

    lol I can't sacrifice my CDs I'm just gonna use some kind of cardboars that I have, it's reflective like CDs it'll look good too, thanks for the idea tho

  2. Posted by cemreaydogdu2009, — Reply

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  3. Posted by Diamondshire, — Reply

    What if someone is so sad. So you bought someone's favorite movies that they already had, but it full of memories of you and someone watches together. So, you made this for them, that would be beautiful.

  4. Posted by kellyzhongkk, — Reply

    HI! I love how aesthetic it looks! I have a Pinterest account that has a lot of crafts and decor! It's called "aestheticy"! Check it out and follow! thanks!

  5. Posted by zoen0715, — Reply

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  6. Posted by idontknowyou234567, — Reply

    omg this made me cringe rubbing together like that idk why but looks cool

  7. Posted by Sena_3344, — Reply

    At first I thought he made a Turkish flag, this upset merry :(

  8. Posted by onidhi777, — Reply

    How do they cut CDs with such ease??

  9. Posted by xapillari, — Reply

    Watch me slice my fingers open trying to do this 🥺

  10. Posted by mansata675, — Reply

    Why when i try my CD broke?!😕😟

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